From our beginning, we have focused on providing our customers with ‘Sound, Solid, Solutions’ by solving problems not patching symptoms. 365’s team of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel not only provided us with the solution to our needs, but also made the transition to our new system easy and seamless. Now with their managed IT services, we are worry-free and can remain focused on our customer’s needs.


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Advanced Composite Structures
43 Muir Road,
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The Company

Established in 1988, Advanced Composite Structures (ACS) is a world leader in Rotor Blade / Composite Structure repair technologies for fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft.

The company’s long-lasting success can be attributed to a comprehensive research and development program – allowing them to maintain high service quality and fast turnaround times. Their motto, Sound-Solid-Solutions, reflects a core belief in providing lasting solutions for their customers.

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Their Needs

Like many small businesses, ACS was working with an old network. An unsupported server operating system, inconsistent backups, and discontinued firewall left the company exposed to significant risks concerning security and data protection. ACS knew that an investment in their technology would be necessary to support the continued growth of their business.

The Results

Efficient staff workstations
Increased business data security

365 Technologies implemented an entirely new Dell environment, with a PowerEdge R510 server and a new fleet of Dell Optiplex workstations. With Windows Small Business Server 2011, and migration to Microsoft Exchange for Email, this busy company benefits from a best-in-class comprehensive solution for File Management, Email, and Collaboration. A SonicWall TZ200 TotalSecure Firewall was deployed to ensure the protection of the internal network, and security of company data.

Working with our partners at Imaginet, the ACS custom database was updated and optimized for the new environment. Finally, ACS entered into a 365Care+ agreement, engaging 365 as their outsourced IT department.

With an updated network environment, revamped database, and support from 365, ACS is ready for the next chapter of their company’s growth.

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