Technology is supposed to make our lives easier – we can do things more quickly and efficiently. But that’s only when things work! Thanks to 365 and their great team, our IT has really become “Worry-Free”. We have just completed a server move which required 365 to work closely with another vendor. Everyone was so dedicated and knowledgeable that the transition seemed seamless. Hands down the best IT project I have ever been involved with.


Jeanette Hiebert

BF Workplace
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The Organization

With over 50 years in business, BF Workplace delivers high quality office furnishings from brands like Steelcase, Turnstone, Krug, and Keilhauer. Working with a national and international client base, BF Workplace coordinates projects from initial concept, planning, and design through to order completion. The company has grown from an initial staff of two, to a team of over 25 dedicated professionals.

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Their Needs

BF Workplace relies heavily on their information systems to coordinate with their various suppliers and clients. Their ERP system from Hedberg Data Systems is mission-critical, managing all client orders. In addition, various design and rendering software applications are in use for planning purposes. Increasing system reliability, and addressing business continuity and disaster recovery were primary considerations in BF’s decision to move to 365 in the fall of 2013.

The Results

More time devoted to Winnipeg’s less forunate
Direct access to our team 24/7/365

To address aging server hardware, 365 implemented a virtual server environment on VMware’s ESXi platform, recently virtualizing BF’s Hedberg server. The implementation of 365Phoenix Server Protection System ensures regular, verified backups. Finally, as a 365Care+ client, BF enjoys rapid response help desk support from the 365 support team.

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