Our relationship with 365 has been crucial in helping us maintain and operate our IT systems. Their 24/7 support system allows us to focus our limited resources on our key mandate which is serving the Canadian Wildland Fire Community.


Kim Connors

Executive Director
Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre
Public Safety
1749 Ellice Ave.,
Phone Number

The Organization

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre Inc. (CIFFC) was opened in 1982 with a mandate to provide operational forest fire management services to Member Agencies. CIFFC coordinates the flow of information and resources across all the parties involved in forest fire response and management. In 2014, the centre reported 4,879 fires.

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Their Needs

During fire season, CIFFC operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, disseminating critical information and intelligence on the fire situation to all member agencies. They are also responsible for identifying available resources and moving them where needed – everything from aircraft and personnel to communication networks. A robust, reliable network is absolutely essential in CIFFC’s service delivery. Downtime is simply not an option.

The Results

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
365Care+ Managed Services

As a 365Care+ Managed Services client, CIFFC can count on a 15-minute response time around the clock to reactive issues as they arise. Proactive monitoring and management of their network prevents issues from occurring, and the implementation of automated offsite server backups each hour using 365Phoenix Server Protection System ensures the safety of their critical business information.

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