From our first meeting, I was impressed by 365’s insightful analysis of our current situation which they followed up with a great solution. Their immediate response to all of my staff’s IT challenges gives me a great feeling of confidence every day. Commissionaires Manitoba is a 24/7 organization, 365 Technologies is a 24/7 company. It makes for a great fit.


Tom Reimer

Commissionaires Manitoba
Security Services
290 Burnell Street,
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The Company

Commissionaires Manitoba was established in 1938 as a division of Commissionaires – Canada’s premier security services provider. Based in Winnipeg, Commissionaires Manitoba boasts a staff of over 1,200 offering guarding services, enforcement, identification services, security consulting and training.

Their Needs

As this 74 year-old company continued to grow, their information systems were failing to keep pace with the business. With a busy 24/7 dispatch desk and around-the-clock security guards deployed across the province, Commissionaires Manitoba needed their communication systems to stay up and running, and access to immediate support. The existing peer-to-peer network lacked any centralized management for permissions and backups, while disaster recovery protocols for systems were unaddressed.

The Results

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
365Care+ Managed Services

365 implemented a brand new Windows network, including an internal mail server (Microsoft Exchange). In order to ensure minimum downtime in the event of a server failure, 365 also deployed a secondary/failover server which runs as a standby virtual machine. Full server images are replicated nightly to a secure data centre location – ensuring a complete disaster recovery solution for their mission-critical systems.

As a 365Care+ managed services client, Commissionaires benefits from a full outsourced IT department, including unlimited access to a 24/7 help desk. Access to anytime support allows this longstanding organization to keep its promise of ‘Trusted.Everyday.Everywhere.’

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