My stress level is greatly reduced; I don’t have to worry about it. I would recommend them for sure. In fact I have recommended them to businesses and other people who speak very highly of them. What more can I say? They’re great!


Trent Pestrak

Hydronics Dept. Manager
Midwest Engineering Ltd.
Engineering / Manufacturing
1369 Erin Street,
Phone Number

The Company

Midwest Engineering Ltd. was incorporated in 1995 with one employee. They have since grown to employ over 20 people in Winnipeg including professional engineers, certified engineering technologists, and sales personnel. As a manufacturer’s representative Midwest Engineering Ltd. works closely with HVAC companies and the engineering community, specifically with consulting engineers, providing specifications for equipment to be used and to provide bids on projects.

365 Technologies Inc. - Worry Free IT™ - Tech Support Services Winnipeg
365 Technologies Inc. - Worry Free IT™ - Network Administration Winnipeg

Their Needs

As a company with over 20 workstations and an expansive catalog of client information Midwest Engineering Ltd. requires a support provider that ensures system protection is in place. Having struggled with internal support previously, Midwest Engineering Ltd. knew they needed a knowledgeable support team with a customer service mindset and the ability to be responsive to their specific needs.

The Results

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
365Care+ Managed Services

Since 365 Technologies took over as the full-time IT Support department, Midwest Engineering Ltd. have reported happier staff. Management stress levels are much lower, and the staff as a whole have confirmed they appreciate the responsiveness and quick turnaround time they receive on inquiries to 365. With an all-inclusive 365Care+ support agreement, end users are able to contact the help desk directly – avoiding the need for an internal ‘triage’ process. Lastly, their company data is protected by 365Phoenix, ensuring hourly backups and automated replication to a secure data centre location.

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