Thanks to 365 Technologies, we can put our focus on changing lives in the inner-city, knowing that our systems are supported 24/7. Having access to their dedicated team of support staff truly provides ‘worry-free IT’.


Floyd Perras

Executive Director
Siloam Mission
300 Princess Street,
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The Company

For over 25 years, Siloam Mission has been a connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate. Offering meals, shelter, health care, clothing, employment training, and transition services, Siloam Mission alleviates hardships and provides opportunities for change for those affected by homelessness.

365 Technologies Inc. - Worry Free IT™ - Tech Support Services Winnipeg
365 Technologies Inc. - Worry Free IT™ - Network Administration Winnipeg

Their Needs

With a full-time staff of 62, Siloam Mission relies heavily on their network infrastructure.  From volunteer coordination and donor processing to specialized software in the on-site Saul Sair Health Centre, technology plays a key role in the delivery of Siloam’s services.  Siloam’s production environment runs on 8 virtual servers on a VMware platform.  Network VLANs are used to segregate traffic.  With on-site lodging and shelter staff, Siloam’s 24/7 operations require the availability of technical support around-the-clock.

The Results

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
365Care+ Managed Services

Siloam recently completed implementation of a Disaster Recovery solution, replicating full images of their production servers to 365’s Data Centre. Migration of their Email services to Microsoft Exchange 2013 is underway. With 365Care+ support, the staff at Siloam Mission have direct access to an IT support team, 24/7/365. The result?  More time devoted to meeting the needs of our community’s less fortunate.

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