Since 1979 we’ve told our customers to ‘have no fear, Tommy’s here’ – and we look for the same reliable, responsive service from our partners. The team at 365 Technologies, with their commitment to ‘Worry-Free IT’ has exceeded our expectations.


Tommy Thompson

President & CEO
Tommy’s Welding Ltd.
Professional Welding Service
1487 Dugald Rd.,
Phone Number

The Company

In 1979, Joseph Thompson set out with a single rusted truck and his vision to build a successful welding company dedicated to quality workmanship. 32 years later, Tommy’s Welding Ltd. is Manitoba’s premiere mobile welding company, employing over 45 people. The company participates in some of the largest construction projects in Manitoba, and throughout Canada.

365 Technologies Inc. - Worry Free IT™ - Tech Support Services Winnipeg
365 Technologies Inc. - Worry Free IT™ - Network Administration Winnipeg

Their Needs

As the company has grown, so too have the demands placed on the business systems. While IT support had been provided by an employee on an ad hoc basis, a more proactive approach to technology management was needed. With several trucks on the road delivering 24/7 service, Tommy’s Welding depends on their systems for scheduling, dispatching, and financial management, which means that any disruption to their network could be costly.

The Results

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
365Care+ Managed Services

365 Technologies began by upgrading the company’s structured cabling, installing a new Belden-certified GB network. We then identified and addressed areas of risk in their environment, which included backing up financial databases using our secure online backup solution, relocating the server and network equipment and installing proper power management. As a 365Care+ client, Tommy’s Welding benefits from 24/7 access to our help desk and our proactive network monitoring and maintenance – ensuring their employees can focus on building this company many years to come.

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