“We feel secure knowing that 365 understands our technology needs and worked hard to develop the appropriate solutions for us. The prompt 24/7 support has delighted our staff and allowed us to focus on what we do best.”


Judy Murphy

President & CEO, Safety Services Manitoba
Safety Training & Consulting


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  • The Company

    Founded in 1964, Safety Services Manitoba (SSM) is Manitoba’s premier occupational and road safety trainer and consultant. SSM offers a wide array of programs and courses, delivered by certified professionals in their 16,000 square foot facility. With a vision to make Manitoba the safest province in which to work and live, SSM strives for continuous innovation, developing new models of delivery and providing the very best quality in safety training and consulting.

  • The Requirement

    In the spring of 2012, SSM was facing challenges from their aging server infrastructure and recognized that an upgrade was needed. The new network would need to accommodate the company’s rapid pace of growth, with capacity for increased user count and application demands. In addition, SSM was looking to establish a disaster recovery solution for their mission-critical systems, with defined downtime windows, business continuity, and off-site data protection. In short, while SSM was working to make the lives of Manitobans safer, they needed someone to ensure the safety of their data and systems.

The Results

365 began by deploying 2 Dell PowerEdge servers running VMWare ESXi. SSM’s Small Business Server 2003 was migrated seamlessly to SBS2011, which was virtualized onto the new host alongside their database server. A secondary server was deployed which stores virtual images of both production servers using Dell’s AppAssure software. In the event of a disruption to either of their production servers, SSM can failover to this standby machine, and be back in business in minutes. As a final level of protection, their servers are replicated in real-time to 365’s secure data centre.

With their new network, disaster recovery solution, and comprehensive 24/7 support as a 365Care+ Managed Services client, SSM can boldly pursue their next phase of growth with the knowledge that their technology will be there to support them.