On Aug. 19, the Manitoba Government announced its new Pandemic Response System, which allows for rapid and precise changes to health orders for broad and localized areas (such as facilities, towns, cities, health regions, or the entire province) in Manitoba.
To ensure the safety of our staff, clients and community, we’ve aligned our response plan with Manitoba Health’s recommendations. The new system’s response levels range from “limited risk” to “critical” and are colour-coded green, yellow, orange, and red. Below is the Manitoba Government’s description and our internal response to each level.
Levels Manitoba Health Description 365 Technologies Response
Green: Limited Risk
  • Transmission of the virus is very low to undetectable levels.
  • A vaccine and effective treatment are available.
  • There may be single or isolated small cluster outbreaks which are quickly contained.
  • All staff are in the office.
  • On-site visits as usual.
  • Business as usual.
Yellow: Caution
  • The spread of COVID-19 is at low to moderate levels.
  • Household and close contact transmission is occurring.
  • Schools are open with physical distancing and cohorting measures.
  • Masks and precautions are required for on-site visits.
  • Physical distancing in the office as much as possible.
  • Work-from-home available for childcare accommodations or special cases with manager approval.
Orange: Restricted
  • Community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring across much of Manitoba.
  • New clusters are occurring, but can be controlled through self-isolation, testing and contact tracing.
  • Gathering sizes will be limited further.
  • Added restrictions to visitation in hospitals, long-term care, personal care homes, and assisted living facilities.
  • Capacity in childcare facilities and home-based providers may be more limited.
  • Further restrictions around K-12 schools with more requirements for remote learning.
  • On-site visits are limited to “emergency” only.
  • No staff will go to sites and areas designated as “orange.”
  • No unnecessary visitors to the office.
  • Work-from-home strongly recommended for all staff.
  • Physical distancing required for staff who choose to be in the office.
Red: Critical
  • Extensive community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring and is not contained.
  • There are widespread outbreaks and new clusters that cannot be controlled through testing and contact tracing.
  • The virus is being transmitted at levels that the public health system deems concerning or critical.
  • K-12 schools may be closed for in-class learning.
  • Retail Businesses may be only open for essential services.
  • All staff is required to work from home.
  • The office is closed.
  • No on-site client visits unless they’re deemed “critical” or “essential” as designated by Manitoba Health.

Our Remote-Work Plan Commitment

If the situation arises and 365 Technologies’ staff members must work remotely, we will use our technical expertise and software to always:

  • Attend all regular meetings.
  • Answer phone calls and messages (such as emails or Microsoft Teams’ messages) promptly.
  • Live up to and exceed our clients’ expectations.
If you have questions about our remote-work plan, contact Scott Park, Controller, by email or phone at 204-488-3655 (ext. 33).

#RestartMB Pandemic Response System
Visit Manitoba Government’s website for up-to-date information on the response level and COVID-19 information.

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