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IT support (Part 3): what’s all-inclusive IT support?

Michael Anderson IT Best Practices, IT Managed Services

7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearIn my last two posts, I discussed the pros and cons of the “one-person” IT option and pay-per-hour and break-fix IT-support options.

In this post, the last of the series, I’ll focus on the all-inclusive Managed Support Provider (MSP) solution.

An all-inclusive MSP provider looks after your entire IT network. Whether this option is for your business depends on its size, IT complexity and budget. An all-inclusive MSP allows you to focus on your core business, rather than worrying about your network systems.

If you are a small- or medium-sized business with over 10 computers and want peace of mind about your systems, software and a predictable budget with no surprises, then this option is a good choice.

What does the all-inclusive MSP IT solution cover?

Each all-inclusive MSP’s coverage is different. Contracts can vary, including the coverage for after hours, help-desk support, onsite visits, computers, office locations, servers, phones and printers.

That’s why it’s important to understand what you are purchasing before you sign the contract. There’s no point paying for a service that only satisfies half of your needs. It’s also important to understand what’s covered in the fixed monthly cost, what isn’t, and how much you’ll be charged for it.

So, when shopping around, make sure the all-inclusive IT solution you require really is an all-inclusive fixed rate with no extra billing.

How does the all-inclusive MSP guarantee a flat rate?

To guarantee a flat rate, an all-inclusive MSP assumes you will call less. There are two ways this can work, though option two is obviously the better choice:

  1. A help desk with a delayed response: Under this system, your calls go to voicemail and the help desk gets back to you within a prescribed period of time. Part of the assumption here is that you try to fix the issue yourself first – before you turn to the help desk.
  2. A proactive maintenance strategy: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By implementing a proactive maintenance strategy, you will by definition encounter fewer IT issues, which means you’ll make fewer support calls. The moral of the story: fewer incoming calls equal faster service, and faster service means happy employees.

At 365 Technologies, we stand by our Worry-Free IT™ 365Care+ solution, which provides proactive technology management, a dedicated network administrator, professional technology consulting, and unlimited support services, so you’ll never worry about what a problem costs to fix. You can learn more about our all-inclusive flat-rate Worry-Free IT™ solution by visiting our 365Care+ Solution page.

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