Our 365Care+ Solution

Proactive Technology Management

Our Network Operations Centre monitors your network and responds immediately to a problem. Our aim is to fix problems before you even notice them, ensure optimal performance from your systems, and prevent small issues from becoming big ones.

  • 24/7, 365 Day Monitoring and Alerting: Monitoring and alerting for servers and network devices.
  • We’re translators: Forget “hyper-converged infrastructure,” “virtualization” and “gigabit Ethernet” – we cut through the jargon and explain your tech in real terms that make sense to anyone.
  • Security Management: Content filtering and reporting, intrusion prevention, spyware, botnets and phishing protection, VPN secure access for remote users.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Automated hourly backups, secure data through multiple locations, backup verification and reporting.

Professional Technology Consulting (myCIO)

Your myCIO professional will help you build better IT security and disaster recovery, reduce downtime by ensuring better productivity, and implement best practices to save you and your organization time and money.

  • Hassle-Free Vendor Management: Manage technology relationships, and be a single point of contact for vendor issue
  • Professional Services: Technology consulting and solution engineering, and semi-annual technology business review.

Dedicated Network Administrator

As technology becomes more complex, it’s increasingly important to apply a best-practices approach to managing your business networks. We provide you with a dedicated network administrator to review your network configurations, and apply our 365 Best Practices in security, business continuity, asset management and more to improve performance and reduce risk.

Features include:

  • An Assigned Network Administrator: Who is an expert in building stable and reliable IT solutions.
  • Monthly Performance Reporting: On all centralized tech support services.
  • Scheduled Monthly Onsite Visits: To ensure network stability.
  • IT Asset Management: Including inventory reporting and lifecycle management for technology assets.

Unlimited Support Services

Our fully staffed Help Desk will answer your calls day or night, and bring support issues to full resolution. With unlimited support services, you get predictable IT costs, and no surprise bills or overtime add-ons. All bases covered:

  • Remote Assistance.
  • Onsite Services As Needed.
  • 24/7, 365 Day Help Desk.
  • iPhone, Android, or Smartphone Support.


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