Small Business Technology Reality Check

Michael Anderson IT Managed Services

When we ask small business owners how their technology is working for them, the typical response (unless they’ve experienced a recent failure) is ‘fine’. Given the chance to dig a little deeper, we often discover areas where their technology is not working as well as it should, or where the application of best practices could greatly improve the value the business is getting from their technology investments.

What about your business? Here are 10 simple True / False questions to give you a quick technology ‘reality check’:

True or False:

  1. If our business were to suffer a catastrophe (fire, flood, etc.), I know with a high degree of confidence how long it would take to have our mission-critical systems and data restored.
  2. Our company has a 3-year Technology Plan outlining future anticipated costs and corresponding budgets
  3. We have a scheduled, established process for keeping desktops optimized (security updates, antivirus updates, etc.)
  4. Our network is fully documented (assets, user rights, passwords, policies).
  5. Employees who require remote access to our network are able to do so securely and reliably.
  6. Remote workers and/or locations are integrated seamlessly within the corporate network for information & resource sharing.
  7. SPAM email is being controlled at an acceptable level.
  8. We have defined thresholds for system downtime and understand the cost that downtime represents to our company in lost productivity and revenues.
  9. An Acceptable Use policy is in place, governing how employees use company computing resources.
  10. Desktops and servers are configured using standardized best practices.

Any ‘False’ answers are a great indication of somewhere that your business processes or technical practices could be improved. If you have questions on how to make your technology work for your business, Request a Callback – we’ll be more than happy to speak with you!