The Top 3 Benefits of Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services

Michael Anderson myCIO

If you’re running a small-to-medium-sized business (SMB), and you need a proactive, trusted advisor who can help you manage your networks, backup and recovery systems, and future IT planning, chances are you could benefit from a Virtual CIO, or vCIO from 365 Technologies!

vCIOs can be thought of as highly specialized consultants who have a deep knowledge of IT, business operations, and management. These highly-skilled individuals can provide you with powerful services like IT best practices, strategic technology planning and budgeting, vendor management, and more!

And because you don’t have to hire a full-time CIO, your business can save money – while still enjoying the following 3 benefits!

1. A Predictable Budget Through Strategic Technology Planning

vCIOs are experts at helping your company put together a comprehensive, futureproof IT budget. If you’re running a company, but don’t have the expertise to understand the future needs of your IT infrastructure, a vCIO consultant is a great choice.

Gartner suggests that typical IT budgets range from 2%-4% of total revenues annually – so if you spend that money without a plan, much of it could be wasted. Working with a vCIO for expert guidance when choosing new IT infrastructure can save both time and money!

2. Lower Operating Costs and All-Inclusive Support

vCIOs can provide the same expert advice and decision-making input as a full-time, on-staff CIO – for a fraction of the price. The average salary of a CIO is over $162,000/year – and that’s without considering benefits, bonuses, and additional IT support staff.

With managed IT services and vCIO support, your business can increase responsiveness, reduce downtime, and build a more efficient IT practice – at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time workers!

This allows you to reduce IT spending, and invest more money in futureproof, up-to-date IT infrastructure – rather than staffing.

3. Better Security, Productivity, And Disaster Recovery

vCIOs can provide expert security guidance, manage cloud security, protect your network against ransomware like Cryptolocker, and ensure that your disaster recovery and backup plans are up-to-date and implemented correctly.

By reducing the risk of critical systems failure, monitoring the state of your IT infrastructure, and providing expert guidance, your vCIO can dramatically increase the productivity of your company – which results in a healthier overall business!

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At 365 Technologies, we specialize in “Worry-Free IT!” That’s why we include vCIO services as a standard part of our Managed IT Services offering.

Don’t risk going into the future of your business without a plan. Our vCIO service and Technology Business Review process can help you invest wisely into your IT infrastructure, futureproof your business, and ensure that your networks and systems are secure.

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