The 'Big 5' IT Worries

  • Network Downtime and Crashes

    Technology is a critical part of running your business’ day-to-day operations. No matter how big or small your business, we can reduce or eliminate the time and costs involved in fixing network downtime and crashes. Your network will keep running with proactive technology management, which includes:

  • 24/7 365-day monitoring with server availability and performance alerts.
  • Server preventative maintenance.
  • Deployment of security updates and patches.
  • Hourly, image-based backups onsite and replicated to a secure-data centre.
  • Disaster-recovery planning.

  • Slow IT Support and Response Times

    Software updates, user issues, and organizational changes require tech support. Minimizing disruption relies on having fast, responsive, professional tech-support services – readily available to every user in your organization. The longer an employee waits for a resolution, the higher the cost to the organization.

    365Care+ includes unlimited support services at a monthly rate. This means your employees can access our Help Desk immediately without internal cost approval. It also includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7, 365-day tech-support services.
  • A “live answer” Help Desk – no voicemail.
  • Simple, one-click feedback survey on every closed service ticket.
  • A full team of certified technicians and network administrators.

  • Slow System Performance

    While server crashes and network downtime are disruptive and costly, the average Canadian company is losing more money each year to a subtle culprit: slow system performance.

    We can save your business thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity by ensuring these systems are well maintained and performing at an optimal level. 365Care+ includes

  • Automated preventative maintenance on all workstations.
  • Scheduled deployment of security updates and patches.
  • Monthly “365 Best Practice” reviews – auditing systems and making recommendations for improved performance.
  • Managed workstation replacement cycle.
  • 24/7, 365-day access to our support help desk.

  • Ransomware, Hacks and Security Breaches

    Cyber threats are becoming more targeted and costly. The emergence of ransomware – malware that encrypts a victim’s data and demands a ransom for the decryption key – is a real and growing concern. Small- to medium-sized business owners are being targeted owing to weak security practices, inadequate backups, and increased likelihood to pay. Protecting your company’s data requires a coordinated, multi-layered approach. Our 365Care+ service includes Unified Threat Management (UTM) and:

  • Enterprise-class firewalls, with regular configuration review and testing.
  • Malware and breach protection, leveraging real-time, predictive intelligence from Cisco.
  • 365MailSafe anti-spam protection.
  • Best-in-class anti-virus protection – deployed, monitored, and managed by 365 Technology.

  • Costs

    Many businesses handle IT spending reactively, replacing equipment when it breaks, and delaying upgrades as long as possible. It’s essential for your business to control these costs and maximize ROI.

    365Care+ provides strategic, senior-level advice to ensure you optimize your technology spending and solutions, including:

  • Semi-annual technology business-review meetings.
  • Four-year capital and operating-expense budgets for IT.
  • Asset-lifecycle planning.
  • Vendor management and contract review.

Cost of the 'Big 5' IT Worries

What's the cost to your business?

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