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Your in-house IT functions may be as dedicated as they can, but it’s not easy to keep up with the IT needs in the current digitized landscape. This is particularly true for organizations that aren’t tech-focused. As you struggle to keep up, your teams won’t entirely focus on your core functionality, hence miss the big picture.

Managed IT may sound unusual to those who constantly ignore creeping IT issues until employees can’t perform their roles. But any occurrences that interrupt your ability to continue with your daily operations shouldn’t be considered as a “norm.” Such problems can be hard to address since they’re mostly identified after spreading and leading to additional issues.

Reliable managed IT services in Saskatoon will relieve you of the management and continuous monitoring of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Your IT partner will handle the updates, support requests, and patches to keep your systems and network running smoothly.

A reliable IT service provider like 365 is what you need to remove IT functions from your daily worry list. Our comprehensive suite of IT services is designed to address all your organization’s IT needs, improve your operations, and facilitate your goals.


IT Services from Saskatoon’s

Reputable IT Service Provider

When you choose 365 Technologies’ IT services, you’re assured of outsourced execution focused on strategic guidance. You only have to choose one or several elements of our practice across your IT functions, and our dedicated and experienced team will aid your processes, opportunities, and goals.

Here are the key elements of our IT services:

Tech Consulting

Professional Tech Consulting

It’s not easy to always stay ahead of the ever-advancing tech landscape while at the same time maximize your core operations. To remain competitive, small organizations need reliable IT functions that work towards their objectives. You must achieve this cost-effectively with minimal on-premise tech experience. This is where 365 Technologies’ myCIO service comes in.

Our myCIO experts will work with you to establish a robust IT security structure and develop a reliable disaster recovery plan. At the same time, we’ll cut downtime by ensuring optimal productivity and help you implement the best practices to save your company resources and time. Furthermore, you get hassle-free vendor management and professional solution engineering and tech consulting.


Proactive Technology Management

At 365 Technologies, we understand how vital your IT infrastructure is to your daily business. To get the most from your tech resources, your tech management provider must align their tech to support yours. In addition, you need regular maintenance to your networks and connected devices to detect problems before they escalate.

Fortunately, our Network Operations Center will monitor your network around the clock and provide an immediate response to issues even before you notice them. As a result, your infrastructure will maintain optimal performance. In addition, we’ll monitor your systems around the clock and guide you through complex jargon. You’ll also get proactive IT security management and backup and disaster recovery services.


Dedicated Network

The continuously advancing tech landscape is becoming more complex by the day, and it’s increasingly vital to implement a best practices approach to business network management. To address this, part of our services includes a dedicated network administrator readily available to evaluate your network configurations, reduce risk, and improve performance.

Our dedicated network service entails security best practices, asset management, and business continuity plan establishment. In addition, our package covers the following areas:

A dedicated network administrator – The expert in charge of your networks will be experienced in building reliable and stable IT solutions and ensuring your systems are operating optimally.

Scheduled onsite visits (monthly) – To ensure you’re at your optimal network stability and performance, we’ll visit your premise every month.

Monthly performance reporting – We’ll audit your networks and systems every month and provide comprehensive reports of all your centralized IT functions.

IT asset management – This package covers lifecycle management and inventory reporting for all your tech resources.


Unlimited Support

Our help desk is fully staffed, ready to answer your calls any time of the day, and resolve all your support issues. In addition, our unlimited support service offers immense benefits like predictable IT costs with no overtime add-ons or surprise bills. These cover critical elements like remote assistance, onsite services, help desk support around the clock, and multi-platform support.

Benefits of 365 Technologies IT Services

For Saskatoon Businesses

Partnering with 365 Technologies can be the best decision for your organization. Our Worry-Free IT™ concept is designed to eliminate the most common IT worries for companies, including those that secretly hurt your overall productivity and bottom line.

Faster system performance

Working with well-maintained systems at their optimal performance can save your organization thousands of dollars. The 365Care+ subscription offers automated preventative maintenance, regular updates and patches, audits and recommendations, 24/7 helpdesk support, and a managed replacement cycle for all workstations.

Reduced costs-icon
Reduced costs

Most organizations take a reactive approach to IT spending, only replacing broken equipment and delaying updates. Controlling these costs can help you maximize ROI, and you can count on our expert strategic advice to optimize your IT spend. Our Worry-Free IT™ experience is affordable, and you’ll get helpdesk support around the clock.

Reduced network crashes and downtime

Technology has a vital role in your daily operations, improving your efficiency and making your teams more productive. However, system crashes could lead to downtime and disruptions in your processes and revenue stream. Fortunately, 365 Technologies has all it takes to eliminate or reduce the costs and time required to fix network crashes and downtime.

Robust cybersecurity structures

Cyber threats are becoming more complex by the day. Ransomware threats, for instance, are a growing concern. Though organizations of all sizes are targeted, SMEs are more vulnerable due to weak security structures and inadequate backups. 365 Technologies offers Unified Threat Management with enterprise-class firewalls, breach and malware protection, anti-spam, and anti-virus.

response and support-icon
Immediate IT response and support

User issues, organizational changes, and software updates require tech support. To minimize disruption, you need responsive, professional, and fast IT support services that will always be there for users within the organization. Slow response times mean higher costs. Fortunately, 365Care+ encompasses unlimited support at a monthly subscription, and your teams will access helpdesk assistance instantaneously.

Great IT Services In Saskatoon Are Just A Phone Call Away

As the IT landscape gets more complex, you need a partner to count on for reliable IT services in Saskatoon. With 365 Technologies, all your tech needs will be addressed, and your staff will have time to optimize core business effectively.

Speak with us about Saskatoon IT services tailored for your needs and goals, or schedule a free IT consultation.