What’s your IT Worry?

Through our experience, we’ve encountered a multitude of IT problems – and each of these problems can fit within one of our categories we coined as the ‘Big 5’ IT Worries. In order to be on your way to Worry-Free ITTM  we need to start by learning the cost of your current IT situation.

Cost of the ‘Big 5’ IT Worries

Small business owners have a lot to worry about – hiring and retaining talent; attracting new clients; managing cash flow; fending off new competitors, and more!

When it comes to their Information Technology (IT), there’s no shortage of things to cause concern for owners. We’ve distilled them down to what we are calling the ‘Big 5 IT Worries’.  More importantly, we’ve put a cost to each of them.  Simply tell us the size of your business (Computer Users and Annual Revenue), and we’ll give insight on how much the ‘Big 5’ IT Worries cost your company every year.r.

There is good news!  We have a better way. We’re providing IT support and management that does away with the ‘Big 5’, delivers ‘Worry-Free ITTM’, and lets you focus on growing your business.

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