Who We Are

Your locally-owned IT support team for Manitoba and Saskatchewan businesses.

Our first job is

Customer Service

Since 2010, Manitoba businesses have looked to us to provide the best IT customer service in the province.

We’re focused on all-inclusive, managed IT services: If you’re looking to remove the worry of IT management, and provide your employees with best-in-class support at a fixed, monthly rate, we’re the best team for the job.

We’re translators: Forget “hyper-converged infrastructure,” “virtualization” and “gigabit Ethernet” – we cut through the jargon and explain your tech in real terms that make sense to anyone.

We love what we do: We’re united by our love for all things technology, and putting them to work for your business.

We’re great people from your province: We are more than just a helpline; we've got character in abundance. Among our team members is a punk rock enthusiast, a former professional chef, an ultra-marathon runner, and a Chief Greeting Officer named Tucker. Together, we make up the most powerful IT support team on the prairies.

Austin Boak Austin Boak
Austin Boak
Network Administrator
Best in Class Support
Bradley Reichardt Bradley Reichardt
Bradley Reichardt
Assistant Controller
174 5-Star
Google Reviews
2,000 Users Under Management
Bryan Suarez Bryan Suarez
Bryan Suarez
Service Technician
Worry-Free IT
Brian-DeSouza Brian-DeSouza
Brian DeSouza
Service Technician
Rory Keown Rory Keown
Rory Keown
Service Technician
Dylan Hanning Dylan Hanning
Dylan Hanning
Service Technician
Founded in 2010
Tucker Tucker
Official Office Greeter
Micheal Anderson Micheal Anderson
Michael Anderson
President & CEO
Darcy Wilson Darcy Wilson
Darcy Wilson
Vice-President of Operations
Jock Henke Jock Henke
Jock Henke
Sr. Network Administrator
Charl Carmichael Charl Carmichael
Charl Carmichael
Network Administrator
Lauren Fortin Lauren Fortin
Lauren Fortin
Service Technician
Microsoft Silver Partner Cloud Platform
Blain Gibson Blain Gibson
Blaine Gibson
Client Success Manager
Steve Carlson Steve Carlson
Steve Carlson
Client Success Manager
24/7 365 Support
Yesica Atencio Yesica Atencio
Yesica Atencio
Project Coordinator
Curtis Curtis
Curtis Stacey
Service Technician
Certified Cybersecurity Experts
Julie Le Julie Le
Julie Le
Accounting Clerk
Chris Allan Chris Allan
Chris Allan
Sr. Network Admin
Kent Reimer Kent Reimer
Kent Reimer
Purchasing Manager & myCIO Support
Midge St. Dare Midge St. Dare
Midge St. Dare
Service Coordinator
Michael Ryan Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
Senior Network Administrator
Ian Crisostomo Ian Crisostomo
Ian Crisostomo
Service Technician
Matthew Unger Matthew Unger
Matthew Unger
Service Manager
Markiian Makarenko Markiian Makarenko
Markiian Makarenko
Network Administrator
Jayce van Vuuren Jayce van Vuuren
Jayce van Vuuren
Service Technician
Shane Jordan Shane Jordan
Shane Jordan
Business Development Manager

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If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career with IT services – send us your resume. We’re always looking to add great people to our team. Read about 365 Technologies’ culture to see if you’re a fit – and apply.