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6 Benefits of Cloud Desktops for Businesses in Winnipeg 

Currently, cloud adoption is at 81% and is projected to reach 90% in 2022. Among the rapidly growing areas of cloud computing is cloud desktops, and for a good reason. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated cloud desktops’ growth as most businesses closed down and sent employees to work from home.

Cloud desktops offer numerous benefits for businesses, regardless of size and industry. They eliminate complexities and expensive server equipment and increase security, productivity, and collaboration to help your business thrive in the competitive commerce world. So, what are the benefits of cloud desktops for Businesses in Winnipeg?

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1.  Secure Remote Access

Working from home is the new normal, and it is likely to continue past the COVID-19 pandemic. Research reveals that 42% of the US workforce is working from home on a full-time basis, almost twice the number of employees working from workplaces. Also, around 85% of employees would prefer to work from home several days a week in the future.

In line with these findings, cloud desktops allow secure remote access. Employees can access documents, applications, and software remotely, regardless of their physical location and time. Cloud desktops make remote working easy because you only require verification and login and don’t need additional hardware.

Such a setup is useful in interruptions on travel such as transport strikes as employees can continue with their work at home. Cloud desktops also support Bring-Your-Own-Device policies that are growing swiftly. Employees can work seamlessly without expensive installs.

2.  Increased Security

Cyberattacks increased significantly in 2020, with as many as 4,000 cases reported daily. A good number of these attacks target businesses, both large and small. Cyberattacks are detrimental for companies and cause customers’ loss, damaged reputation, legal ramifications, and financial losses. One research contends that a data breach costs a business on average $3.86 million.

As such, preventative measures are a must for businesses that want to succeed and survive. Cloud desktops can help make your organization more secure and less vulnerable to cyberattacks. Since all computing is done in a central server, it is safer than on individual employees’ devices. All computing is centrally managed, making it easy to set rules and avoid breaches. Also, data stored remotely is protected using encryption and other data security mechanisms. In case an employee’s laptop is stolen, valuable data cannot be stolen.

3.  Significant Cost Savings

Cloud desktops eliminate expensive server equipment and high costs giving your company significant cost savings. 84% of IT professionals claim that cloud services reduce costs associated with hardware, software, security, and IT support. Like most cloud servings, you don’t need expensive infrastructure to get started.

Also, you don’t have to maintain costly hardware and software. Upgrades and maintenance can be expensive, especially when performed on many machines. Cloud desktops keep these costs at a minimum because upgrades and maintenance are performed in a centralized location.

The biggest asset of cloud desktops is that you pay for what you use. You don’t have to pay monthly and annual fees for services you never use. You can also scale up or down your services depending on your business needs. The costs are typically based on a subscription model, which makes them predictable and manageable. Organizations that use cloud computing solutions like cloud desktops reduce IT spending by15%.

4.  Improved Collaboration

83% of workers depend on technology to facilitate collaboration. Cloud desktops are such technologies and improve collaboration and teamwork in the workplace. Employees can share files, apps and work on projects together in real-time. Cloud desktops are a notch higher than cloud sharing apps since the entire interface is delivered and stored in the cloud.

Cloud desktops also enhance collaboration between onsite and remote workers as both stay updated on the progress of projects, departments, and the company as a whole. Collaboration has numerous gains, including increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, and boosting employee satisfaction. Also, it improves team relationships and project success.

5.  Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a fundamental part of IT.  Approximately 40% of organizations fail to reopen after a disaster. While there are many ways of ensuring that your company does not become part of this startling statistic, using cloud desktops is one.

With cloud desktops, you no longer rely on onsite computers and servers to store and deliver data. These computers are vulnerable to damage or loss in the event of a disaster. Also, they can be stolen or compromised. Instead, all your computing is stored in a central location that is secure and backed up frequently. If a disaster strikes, you can access your computing promptly, which minimizes downtime.

6.  Increased Productivity

Cloud desktops increase your employees’ productivity, and ultimately your company’s productivity. Here are a few ways how.

  • Increase employee collaboration: Employees share documents and work on projects, enabling them to perform better and efficiently.
  • Optimize in-house IT resources: IT professionals don’t use much time on maintenance and concentrate on more critical functions.
  • Access to the best technologies: small companies access state-of-the-art technologies initially reserved for large organizations with huge budgets. Consequently, they can work faster and effectively to compete with industry leaders.
  • Off-premise upgrades and maintenance: Employees’ work is not disrupted to allow upgrades and maintenance on their computers.
  •  Integrate with existing software: Most cloud solutions integrate with existing software, and employees can switch from one tool to another without manually transferring data that is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Scalability: Cloud desktops are scalable to meet changing business needs. Businesses can scale up or down seamlessly without interrupting business.

Importantly, with cloud desktops, you can maintain productivity in the event of a disaster. Also, you safeguard your enterprise from costly data breaches that diminish productivity and lower employee morale. This type of productivity is valuable for both small and big businesses.

Cloud desktops and cloud solutions are the next big thing. They allow you to access your desktop, files, and apps in the cloud from a broad range of devices. Cloud desktops offer greater agility and growth while providing exceptional performance. They increase security, promote remote work, reduce costs, improve productivity and boost collaboration. If you have not adopted cloud desktops for your business in Winnipeg, MB, it is time to make the big move and harness these benefits. Contact us for help shifting to the cloud.

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