Cybersecurity Awareness

How To Protect Your Winnipeg Business From Cyber Threats

Michael Anderson Cybersecurity

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’re “too small to be a target”. Cybercriminals are happy to cast a wide net and make smaller amounts off of smaller organizations. Cybercrime is a big part of the news these days. You hear about data breaches, identity theft and more on a seemingly daily basis. The reality is that none of it …

Cybersecuriy with 365 Technologies

MSPs – the next, great cyberattack?

Michael Anderson Cybersecurity, IT Security

The cyber war may be coming to your IT-managed service provider. Is your MSP ready? Look no further than the recent cyberattack on SolarWinds, an IT-infrastructure management software company that works with technology and IT-managed service providers. It appears that hackers are breaking into MSPs in order to attack as many company networks as possible in one swoop. As mentioned …

Phishing Scam - Beware

As the holiday season approaches, beware of phishing scams

Michael Anderson Cybersecurity, IT Security

In the past week, I’ve received more phishing scams in my email than I care to count. Today alone, I received four. It’s troublesome to see so many, particularly because people are vulnerable to “special offers” during this time of year, are at home on lockdown, and may be novices at online media. Below are two phishing scam samples (just …

Remote Worker Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity tips for remote workers

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Moving to a home office can be overwhelming and create cybersecurity issues for you, your team and organization – particularly on short notice! Here are some tips to make your home office and organization more secure: Virtual Private Network (VPN): Provide a VPN for staff to connect securely to your organization’s network. Remote-work plan: If you have a remote-work plan, …