MSPs – the next, great cyberattack?

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The cyber war may be coming to your IT-managed service provider. Is your MSP ready? Look no further than the recent cyberattack on SolarWinds, an IT-infrastructure management software company that works with technology and IT-managed service providers. It appears that hackers are breaking into MSPs in order to attack as many company networks as possible in one swoop. As mentioned …

Phishing Scam - Beware

As the holiday season approaches, beware of phishing scams

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In the past week, I’ve received more phishing scams in my email than I care to count. Today alone, I received four. It’s troublesome to see so many, particularly because people are vulnerable to “special offers” during this time of year, are at home on lockdown, and may be novices at online media. Below are two phishing scam samples (just …

Monitor the dark web with 365 Sentinel

The dark web: How to monitor and implement security protocols

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If you think the regular web is dark, you don’t want to see the dark web. It may be time to proactively monitor your organization’s email addresses and domains to ensure you’re not already on the dark web and implement security protocols to ensure you never end up there. The dark web is not indexed by Internet search engines; instead, …