5G wireless network

The age of 5G is upon us – but will it deliver?

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Some are calling the advent and rollout of 5G the fourth industrial revolution. Can it possibly live up to the hype? Yes, 5G connectivity sounds pretty exciting. It promises a new era of cellular wireless networks and digital connectedness that includes faster mobile data access and better connectivity for your wireless devices. It could, in theory, mean downloading a two-hour …

IT Budget – How much should I budget for IT?

How much money should I spend on IT?

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Considerations include company size, industry, and infrastructure It’s a question that has plagued business owners for years: “How much should I budget for my IT?” In today’s hyper-competitive, technology-focused business world, this question is more important than ever. Today, virtually every company is taking advantage of technology in one way or another, and you don’t want to be left behind. …

IT Support – Best Option

IT support: what’s the best option for your business?

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You have lots of IT-support options these days, some of which may be better choices than others. Generally speaking, you can break down IT support into three categories: The one-person show Pay-per-hour versus break-fix option A managed service provider solution Which one is right for your business? We outline the pros and cons, below. 1. The One-Person Show When we …

Property Management

Property managers need IT too

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Technology is changing and impacting the property-management landscape. Consider electronic transactions, online financial and tenant data-storage, and smart devices that are now regularly installed into offices and residences (also known as the Internet of Things). As building systems, processes, and tenant information become increasingly connected to the internet, the chances of a cyberattack and a privacy or data breach grows. …

Microsoft Windows 7 Support Ends

The final countdown: Windows 7 support ends in 2020

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On Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer release security updates or patches for the Windows 7 operating system. After the support ends, your organization’s computer, network, and data are vulnerable to attacks, security risks and viruses if you don’t upgrade your systems. Microsoft does not support operating systems (OS) over 10 years old, and it moves these systems from …

The role of information technology in human resources

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Get your new employees onboard and online, get your former employees offboard and offline When an employee joins or leaves your company, there should be a checklist of things you need to do to ensure you’ve covered your bases. At least some of the items on this list should involve information technology – a key element in today’s human-resources function. …

Your IT provider is a key partner when your business moves

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This article, originally written by Clever Ducks, is edited and abridged with permission. It appeared on their blog in Jan. 2018. Moving your business can be a big disruption to your company’s operations and growth, or an opportunity to make some needed changes in the infrastructure and technology that supports your company. Take the opportunity to make an office move …

365 Technologies Team

Should you hire a managed IT-Services team or one IT employee?

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Five reasons why your organization needs managed IT services In the early days of computers, most offices had a lone IT person looking after the computers. At my friend’s former office, there was just one IT person (let’s call him…Tim). Tim wasn’t bad at what he did, but he was highly proprietary about the company’s equipment and data – and …

The Internet Dramatically Changed the Publishing Industry. What About Your Business?

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It’s well-known that publishers are a major component of an author sharing their work with the world, but recent innovations threaten to disrupt the status quo of the industry. Like many industries, the publishing industry has been changed significantly by the introduction of new technologies that afford writers more liberty when producing their work. What can you as a business …

Acting Big, Staying Small – Why the size of your technology support company is important

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Technology support companies in Winnipeg come in all different shapes and sizes – from ‘one man shows’ to large organizations with dozens of technicians. Based on how often prospective clients ask us the question ‘How many technicians do you have?’ the number of employees is an important consideration for businesses seeking a new support provider. But what’s the right number? …