Monitor the dark web with 365 Sentinel

The dark web: How to monitor and implement security protocols

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If you think the regular web is dark, you don’t want to see the dark web. It may be time to proactively monitor your organization’s email addresses and domains to ensure you’re not already on the dark web and implement security protocols to ensure you never end up there. The dark web is not indexed by Internet search engines; instead, …

Privacy Policy - data breach

“Does your company have a privacy policy?”

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OPC publishes 2019 Canadian survey results on privacy-related issues Canadian businesses have generally embraced protecting their clients’ data. But, according to the results of new survey from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, there’s still some work to do. The survey of 1,003 Canadian businesses on privacy-related issues, was conducted by Phoenix Strategic Perspectives from Nov. 29 to Dec. 19, 2019 …

Is your home router secure?

Make sure your home router isn’t putting your work security at risk

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Working from home doesn’t mean you’re home free. Look no further than the deceptively unassuming home router. Now that many of us have set up home offices, we’re using a home router not only for personal use, but also to conduct business. This can be dangerous, as the network security in your home office is most likely not as secure …

Microsoft Teams Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Microsoft Teams Bookmarks and Screen Size

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365 Technologies Tech Tips In this training tutorial, we show you how to bookmark messages and make your screen size larger or smaller in Microsoft Teams. We provide Worry-Free IT™ for small- to medium-sized businesses in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you have any questions about your organization’s IT service or how to set up your team remotely, feel free to contact …