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365 Technologies teams up with Mother Earth Recycling

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Our old hardware is going to a new home with a big heart 365 Technologies has teamed up with Mother Earth Recycling to recycle its old electronic equipment. “We usually recycle 200 to 300 computers a year,” says Michael Anderson, President and CEO of 365 Technologies. “This year, with Windows 7 support ending, that number will be closer to 400 to…

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Stop your PC from grinding before it grinds you

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If you have a personal computer that suddenly starts making grinding noises, you may be experiencing one of two scenarios: The “Good” Scenario: the noise is a nuisance that is easily fixed with no major issues. The “Not Good” Scenario: the noise is a devastating issue that can stop your computer and lose your files. The “Good” Scenario Computers produce…

Baby, when the lights go out…will your data be safe?

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When the power goes out, an Uninterruptable Power Supply, better known as a UPS, may be the difference between having a fully functioning office and one at a standstill; it can also save you and your employees time trying to clean up your data once the power is back. Typically, a UPS is used to protect hardware (computers, servers, and…