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The benefits of Cloud computing for HR professionals

Human Resources and Cloud Computing

Keep your feet on the ground, and your human resources in the Cloud; how to improve employee communications in the Cloud.

Most organizations think of the Cloud as a place to hold their software and data, but the Cloud can also help transform how businesses communicate with people and implement HR processes.

HR handles several key functions – and a lot of data – to help make a business successful, including recruitment, onboarding, organizational culture, engagement, and performance management.

The Cloud can help HR collect, protect, manage and analyze data for candidates, employees, and the organization, and provide the HR team with real-time insights, employee engagement, and a productive, responsive culture.

Other benefits for your HR team include:

1. Accessibility:

You can update your employees with organizational information that they can access from anywhere at any time.

2. Agility:

You can easily scale the number of servers you need to meet demand, rather than relying on internal servers. For instance, during performance management reviews, there may be a high volume of employees accessing information at the same time. The Cloud lets you meet that demand.

3. Security:

HR holds important employee information – including Social Insurance Numbers, addresses, and birthdates – and needs to ensure it’s held securely. A Cloud computing system (such as Microsoft Azure) offers multi-authentication for a more-secure sign-in process.

4. Improve Recruitment and Onboarding:

Recruitment and onboarding are core HR functions. They include reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, collaboration, forms and gathering feedback . Cloud computing and software (such as HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365) can help you streamline these processes with a single data-storage location accessible from various devices for better efficiency, collaboration and communication.

5. Better Communication and Compliance:

An organization’s standards, guidelines and policies are continually growing and changing. Updating the old employee manual required making changes, reprinting, and distributing hard copies to staff. Cloud computing allows you to make such changes electronically and communicate them to specific employee groups in a user-friendly, accessible, cost-effective and efficient manner.

People, engagement and culture are important parts of helping your business achieve its goals; by using the Cloud, you can empower your HR team to be more productive, reach their goals, and enhance your culture.

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