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Your IT provider is a key partner when your business moves

Office Move

This article, originally written by Clever Ducks, is edited and abridged with permission. It appeared on their blog in Jan. 2018.

Moving your business can be a big disruption to your company’s operations and growth, or an opportunity to make some needed changes in the infrastructure and technology that supports your company.

Take the opportunity to make an office move work for your business by working closely with an IT service provider who understands your critical timelines, coordinates vendors related to your internet, phone, and computer systems, and lets you focus on your business.

1. Conduct a pre-move walkthrough.

When you conduct a pre-move walkthrough of a prospective facility, be on the lookout for these things:

  • Power: Before you even decide where to move, you should consult with your IT provider and electrical contractor to identify your options. Think through your conference-room needs and wiring, so that the monitors are easy to install, and consider electrical service capacity and circuit-breaker space. Making changes takes time, so it’s key that you plan ahead.
  • Climate control: You should keep your network gear, servers, and communication equipment in an area that’s physically secure, environmentally stable (low humidity), and roomy, so that it’s easily accessed, secured, and serviced.
  • Physical security: Conduct a walkthrough with an alarm professional to learn if your office is easy to secure. Some offices and areas are safer than others, so look for easy ways to secure the building, such as adding lighting, alarms, and cameras.

2. Create a formal plan and share it.

Before you move, create a formal plan with resources assigned to each task, from putting up temporary signage at your new location to assigning new wireless passwords, and communicate them to your team.

Colliers International Canada offers a great step-by-step list for your next office relocation: You can find it here.

3. Keep the business running.

First, find a way to continue running the business while you move. Consider being counter-intuitive by moving during the week when you get the best vendor support, and use the weekend to handle last-minute issues.

4. Pick your vendors carefully.

The most important thing is that you select your vendors carefully, and remember that shutting things off at the old location is as important as turning them on at the new location.

If you’re considering an office move, and have questions about IT, we’d be happy to help: contact us.

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Thanks to Clever Ducks for allowing us to publish this article.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

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