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Jeff Onofreychuk

Jeff Onofreychuk

Meet Jeff Onofreychuk, Service Coordinator

Jeff Onofreychuk started at 365 Technologies in December 2020 as the Service Coordinator. He is responsible for triaging new service requests, scheduling technicians, and coordinating all IT service-related activities for our clients.

When not working at 365 Technologies, Jeff loves watching TV. He is a bit of a movie buff who may watch too much TV, but it certainly came in handy during the pandemic lockdowns. Now that restrictions have lifted, Jeff is making up lost time by visiting friends, family, and is currently making future travel plans.

Jeff is originally from Winnipeg. One of his favorite restaurants is Johnny’s Maples Pizza & Restaurant in Winnipeg. He loves that he can return to Johnny’s, decades later, and still experience the same flavors as always. Johnny’s Maples Pizza is definitely Jeff’s comfort food destination.

One of the most memorable concerts for Jeff is when he went to see Jack Johnson at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver, BC. Apparently, Jack Johnson only likes to play near the ocean which gave Jeff and his siblings an opportunity to take a road trip out west to see Jack Johnson live at an outdoor concert.

“It’s incredibly important that we think like our clients. Every client is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. The decisions we make can affect their day-to-day operations.
Jeff Onofreychuk
365 Technologies