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Meet Nancy Ejike-Offor: Our recent work-placement student

At 365 Technologies, we strongly believe in supporting our industry and nurturing the future leaders of IT in Winnipeg. One way we do this is to open our doors to local college, tech and university work-placement students.
“We understand how difficult it can be for new graduates to get work experience in the IT industry. By partnering with local colleges, we’ve hosted 35 students, helping them launch their careers. It’s part of how we are able to give back to the broader community.” – Michael Anderson, President and CEO, 365 Technologies
Most recently, we hosted Nancy Ejike-Offor, who came to us on a six-week practicum from Nov. 27, 2017 to Jan. 15, 2018 as part of Robertson College’s Network Administrator program.
“It’s always a big help for the 365 team when we have capable, energetic students onsite, and Nancy was no exception. Our students routinely help out on tasks where they are competent, and we appreciate it.” – Mike Zettler, Vice President of Operations, 365 Technologies
Nancy graduated on Jan. 15, 2018. We hope you enjoy reading our conversation with Nancy as much as we enjoyed hosting her at 365 Technologies.
1. Tell me about yourself.
I’ve been in Canada for almost two years. I came to Canada from Nigeria with my husband, Ejike Offor. We have a 14-month baby girl named Bellarose – we call her “Bella” for short.
2. How do you enjoy Winnipeg?
I really like Winnipeg. The people are friendly and welcoming, but the winter is very cold.
3. What’s your educational background?
I earned a Computer Science B.Sc. from Anambra State University. It’s located in Uli, a town in Anambra State, Nigeria. When I came to Canada, I wanted to get Canadian experience, so I applied for the Help Desk Support Technician program at Robertson College.
4. What type of work did you do while at 365 Technologies?
I worked as a help desk technician, but I did all types of work. My favourite was setting up the client backup storage systems, RAID 5. I encountered many challenges the first time I set it up.
I reported to Mike Zettler, Vice President of Operations, and he told me, “It’s not how fast you are, but how accurate you are.” This is great advice for anyone doing something for the first time – “Understand it, and get it right.” When I set it up the second time, it was much easier, because I took the time to learn it.
5. How did you enjoy working at 365 Technologies?
I really enjoyed it. 365 Technologies provided me with the opportunity to perform the tasks I wanted to do during my work experience. The experience led me to a higher level of knowledge.
It’s a friendly, walk-in environment with flexible workday hours, time to learn and encouragement; my coworkers were friendly and helpful, they answered my questions, made me feel welcome, and gave me plenty of opportunities to learn and challenge myself.
I also enjoyed the fresh fruit and the coffee – and, of course, Tucker (the official canine office greeter).
6. What is your career aspiration?
I want to work in an IT department as a help-desk technician or a junior network administrator. I enjoy helping customers troubleshoot and solve problems.
My future goal is to become an IT consultant. Until then, I want to gain as much experience and knowledge, and as many IT certifications as I can.
I just want to jump in and give it everything I’ve got.
7. Is there anything that would surprise people about you?
I don’t know if it would surprise people, but I really enjoy watching Nigerian movies on YouTube. My favourite actor is Kenneth Okonkwo.
I also enjoy Nigerian gospel music, but I don’t sing in the choir, I sing to myself.
8. What’s your motto?
Success doesn’t come for you, you go for it!
CONNECT WITH NANCY: To connect with Nancy, visit her LinkedIn profile.
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