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MSPs – the next, great cyberattack?

Cybersecuriy with 365 Technologies

The cyber war may be coming to your IT-managed service provider. Is your MSP ready?

Look no further than the recent cyberattack on SolarWinds, an IT-infrastructure management software company that works with technology and IT-managed service providers. It appears that hackers are breaking into MSPs in order to attack as many company networks as possible in one swoop.

As mentioned in Channele2e’s article, “MSPs: The Preferred Cyberattack Target in 2021,” not only does one successful MSP attack give attackers access to the service provider’s network, but also its clients’ data. The potential revenue from a single attack increases exponentially.

In 2021, it’ll be important for MSPs to prepare for these upcoming threats. At 365 Technologies, we are continually anticipating trends to ensure that our clients’ infrastructure is secure.

We’ve partnered with Artic Wolf®, a world-renowned market leader in security operations, and SentinelOne™, an industry leader providing Advanced Endpoint Detection to protect ourselves and our clients from malicious cyberattacks.

We’ve also taken these steps for ourselves and our clients:

  1. Implementing multi-factor authentication.
  2. Updating software and hardware.
  3. Keeping an inventory of software and hardware to ensure we implement patches and updates quickly.
  4. Creating secure backups, testing restores and ensuring our clients can “rollback” – that is, restore files that have been maliciously encrypted or deleted.
  5. Centralizing security to ensure patches and updates roll out at a single access point quickly.
  6. Creating access constraints – known as “least privilege” – which grants users access only to what is essential to do their jobs. This leaves no accidentally open entry points for hackers to gain access to a client’s infrastructure.
We’ve taken the actions to ensure we and our clients are well protected. If you have questions about your organization’s ability to withstand a cyberattack, contact us today.
Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

When it comes to IT services and solutions, it's important to have someone who not only understands the IT industry but is also passionate about helping clients achieve long-term growth using proven IT solutions. Michael, our CEO, is dedicated to assisting clients in improving their technology to gain a competitive edge in their industries. At 365 Technologies, Michael Anderson leads a team of professionals who are committed to providing exceptional IT services and solutions. With his extensive expertise and hands-on experience, Michael ensures that clients receive the best support and guidance for their IT endeavors. You can trust 365 Technologies to enhance your business systems and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.