Microsoft Forms Tech Tip

Microsoft Teams Tech Tips: Create a survey, poll or quiz with Microsoft Forms

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365 Technologies Tech Tips In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a survey, create a poll or quiz using Microsoft Forms in Microsoft Teams to share with your team or chat. We provide Worry-Free IT™ for small- to medium-sized businesses in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you have any questions about your organization’s IT service or how to set up …

Microsoft Teams Video Chat

Don’t just blur your background in Microsoft Teams, replace it!

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This year’s model: our very own Purchasing Manager, Kent Reimer. Microsoft Teams now allows you to customize your background with one of its video chat background images. This feature only works in Windows or Mac Microsoft Teams desktop applications. Here’s how to do it: Launch or join your video chat. Click the three dots (…) in the meeting bar. Select …

Microsoft Teams Tech Tips

Microsoft Teams Tech Tips: How to create a team, add team members and guests

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365 Technologies Tech Tips In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a team, add team members and guests, and hide, leave and delete a team in Microsoft Teams. A quick note about inviting external guests: When you invite a guest using the person’s email address, if they do not have a Microsoft account connected to the email address, …

Human Resources and Cloud Computing

The benefits of Cloud computing for HR professionals

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Keep your feet on the ground, and your human resources in the Cloud; how to improve employee communications in the Cloud. Most organizations think of the Cloud as a place to hold their software and data, but the Cloud can also help transform how businesses communicate with people and implement HR processes. HR handles several key functions – and a …

Nishan Balasingham

Meet Nishan Balasingham – Cloud Solution Specialist

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Nishan is our new Microsoft Cloud Solution Specialist. He has over 13 years of IT experience in Toronto and Winnipeg. In this role, he assists our clients with their digital-transformation and cloud-migration journey, assessing their current environment, selecting a migration strategy, and executing it. Nishan has earned a degree in computer engineering with a background in programming and a Microsoft …

Microsoft Windows 7 Support Ends

The final countdown: Windows 7 support ends in 2020

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On Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer release security updates or patches for the Windows 7 operating system. After the support ends, your organization’s computer, network, and data are vulnerable to attacks, security risks and viruses if you don’t upgrade your systems. Microsoft does not support operating systems (OS) over 10 years old, and it moves these systems from …

cloud computing

The pros and cons of using the Cloud

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In my last blog,“What is the cloud?,” I discussed what the Cloud is and isn’t. In this post, I’ll discuss three advantages and disadvantages of using the Cloud. Cloud Advantages Lower hardware costs: You don’t have to purchase in-house servers. You use the provider’s hardware and only pay for what you need. Providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web …

Hey! You! Get into my cloud: Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft Office’s longstanding suite of products featuring Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint software. The main difference in this version isn’t so much the software as how Microsoft delivers it to you. Microsoft Office 365 is an online, subscription-based service (you can pay monthly or annually) rather than use a CD to load …