Bear Clan Patrol - Winnipeg

Our holiday donation supports Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol

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This year, 365 Technologies, on behalf of its clients, is making a holiday donation supporting Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol. “With consciousness comes awareness, with awareness comes ownership of personal circumstances, and with collaboration comes change. It is within the context of this approach that the Bear Clan Patrol has been mobilized.” – Bear Clan Patrol website The patrol’s mission is…

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Three benefits of hiring a virtual Chief Information Officer

Michael Anderson IT Best Practices, IT Managed Services

The three benefits of hiring a virtual Chief Information Officer to manage your IT services If you’re running a small- to medium-sized business, and you need a trusted advisor to help manage your IT networks, backup and recovery systems, you could benefit from having a Virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO from 365 Technologies. vCIOs are highly skilled and specialized consultants…

12 Network Tests

12 Tests to Boost your Network Security

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Network security not only protects your business’ data and systems, but makes it more efficient, organized, and profitable. Here are 12 tests you can perform to make sure your network security is as strong as it needs to be: 1. Network Layer Vulnerability Scanning: Uses a network layer Vulnerability Assessment (VA) scanner. Why use it? Vulnerability scanners identify security risks on every…

Ransomware Security

Five ways to protect your business from ransomware

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When it comes to cyberthreats, there is a lot to think about – from Trojan horses to worms. In 2017, ransomware attacks rose an astounding 250 per cent, according to AO Kaspersky Lab (2017): IT Threat Evolution Q1 2017. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts critical data on computers or mobile devices and blocks the owner from…

Why you need Worry-Free IT™ – Managed IT Services

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Pack up your IT troubles, and smile, smile, smile At 365 Technologies, we so believe in Worry-Free IT™, we own the trademark. What is Worry-Free IT™ and how can it help your business? Relax. Take a deep breath. And let’s break it down. Through our extensive experience, research and client meetings, we identified five major technology issues that all businesses…

Your IT provider is a key partner when your business moves

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This article, originally written by Clever Ducks, is edited and abridged with permission. It appeared on their blog in Jan. 2018. Moving your business can be a big disruption to your company’s operations and growth, or an opportunity to make some needed changes in the infrastructure and technology that supports your company. Take the opportunity to make an office move…

Meet Nancy Ejike-Offor: Our recent work-placement student

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At 365 Technologies, we strongly believe in supporting our industry and nurturing the future leaders of IT in Winnipeg. One way we do this is to open our doors to local college, tech and university work-placement students. “We understand how difficult it can be for new graduates to get work experience in the IT industry. By partnering with local colleges,…