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The four biggest benefits of cloud-based backups

The Cloud BackupsCloud technology has truly changed the way businesses operate. Almost every business, from gigantic multinational enterprises to small businesses, is using at least one cloud storage system.

Your business shouldn’t overlook the advantages of the cloud. A cloud-based backup is one of the most powerful ways that you can protect your data from breaches, hardware failures, and natural disasters.

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The four, biggest benefits of cloud-based backups

1. Increased “Redundancy” (or “more than one copy”)

When it comes to your data, redundancy is a good thing. As the old IT joke goes, “There are two types of hard drives: hard drives that fail, and hard drives that are about to fail.”

For this reason, your data should never be on just one storage device. Without a proactive-backup and disaster-recovery plan, it’s possible that any data you don’t back up could be lost permanently, which could have a staggeringly negative impact on your business.

That’s why one of the best practices you can follow to protect your data and increase security is to invest in redundant backups. This will minimize downtime, and ensure that you’re safe from malware and ransomware.

2. Simplified Off-Site Access

Today’s workers need to access their data from “everywhere.” More people are working from home, and employees who travel also benefit from offsite access to corporate data.

A comprehensive cloud-based storage system will help your employees access organizational data from anytime and anyplace, increasing their productivity and business responsiveness.

3. Affordable and Cost Effective

Investing in a new, onsite data backup may not be part of your strategic technology planning documentation, as the infrastructure is expensive and often requires all-inclusive support to run effectively.

With cloud-based backups, you only pay for the storage space you need, but still benefit from fast, modern IT equipment. In other words: it’s possible for you to save money, and realize the benefits of your cloud storage investment.

4. Offsite Storage

Offsite data storage is critical for any proactive disaster-recovery plan. Most businesses struck by natural disasters have no data-recovery plan in place, which often leads to permanent data loss. It’s much less likely that you’ll experience data loss if you maintain your data on cloud backups at a secure, offsite storage facility.

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