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The Importance of Updating Your Computer Hardware

Update your hardware

Computer hardware is no different from any other item in your house (vacuum cleaner, camera, frying pan) – over time, it needs to be replaced from “wear and tear,” and to function properly.
Just ask your relative – we all have one – he’s still using a 10-year-old computer. He’ll tell you, “It runs pretty slow and can’t update to the latest software anymore.”

There are two main reasons this occurs:

  1. Computer parts wear out over time or become obsolete – just like your car. As your car gets older, it’s harder to find the parts, more expensive to order them, and takes time for parts to arrive.
  2. Newer software requires more hard drive space, processors and the latest operating system, which usually can’t install on older computer models.
Your relative might also tell you, “But it still works, so I’m going to hang in there before buying a new computer or replacing any parts.”
The main problem with this? You open yourself up to computer viruses and ransomware if you can’t update your computer’s software. So now, instead of just replacing your computer or its parts – you may have to pay an IT person to ensure your files are clean before transferring over to your newly purchased computer. This will take time and money – you also may lose some of your files.
How do you know when to update hardware?
A general rule is between three to five years. If you notice your computer is running slow, or if you can’t run or update the latest software, you may want to make an appointment with an IT specialist for a checkup. They’ll diagnose your computer and let you know what needs updating, the cost to update, any vulnerabilities, and whether you should purchase a newer model.
At 365 Technologies, we diagnose our clients’ computer hardware regularly to ensure they never lose time or documents and have cost effective solutions to upgrading. It’s Worry-Free IT™.
If you want to learn more, send us a message at sales@365tech.ca or call 204-488-3655 and we’ll be happy to chat.
Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

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