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The Top 5 Data Vulnerabilities in Your Company

Despite the importance of IT security, many CEOs of small businesses are unaware of the primary data vulnerabilities in their company. However, to create a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery roadmap, it’s critical to understand where your data vulnerabilities lie.

In this article, we’ll look at the 5 most common areas of data vulnerability, allowing you to modify your security best practices accordingly. Read on, and see how you can protect your company from dangerous data breaches and costly downtime.

1. Your Employees

Your employees can represent a serious data risk – from malicious data theft to unintentional sharing of mission-critical documents and files.

It’s critical to minimize the risk of data theft and accidental sharing of your employees. Your strategic technology planning should include a plan for the removal of access for terminated employees – this reduces the risk that their accounts can be used for unauthorized access after their tenure ends.

You should also provide all-inclusive support and training for employees, and show them how proactive monitoring of important data can help protect your company from accidental data breaches, or the loss of valuable files.

2. Unsecured Mobile Devices

Many companies use a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy at work. But as more critical data is accessed from mobile devices, your company has less control over what happens on individual devices – which can lead to dangerous infections from ransomware like Cryptolocker, and data breaches that result in lost productivity.

Because of this, your company should have policies, procedures, and documentation in place regarding the use of mobile devices, and remote access to company information.

3. Cloud Storage Applications

Most cloud storage applications are quite secure – but if you don’t consult a trusted advisor, you could choose a cloud storage company that has serious security flaws, providing hackers with a way to access your network and your most important files.

Therefore, smart vendor management is key to choosing a reputable cloud storage provider which offers features like two-factor authentication and data encryption. While this can result in a higher IT budget, the cost is well worth it if you can avoid a costly data breach.

4. Third-Party Service Providers

Whether you’re using virtual CIO services, managed services, or outsourced IT support, third-party services providers can present a serious data risk. If your service provider doesn’t have robust security precautions, hackers could gain access to your systems through them – it’s rumored that this is how the high-profile breach of Target’s networks occurred.

5. Malicious Attackers

Whether it’s from phishing, trojans, infected emails, or dozens of other infection vectors, malicious attackers are always seeking a way to get into your data.

The best way to prevent these attacks from occurring is with IT training. New hires should be taken through the basics of IT security – recognizing suspicious emails, creating strong passwords, and keeping personal information to themselves.

IT teams should also be quick to update operating systems, programs, and web pages that may have vulnerabilities, to avoid potential security risks.

Though there’s no way to be 100% safe from malicious attacks, these steps can certainly help reduce your risk, and protect your most valuable data.

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