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What Are The Business Benefits To Microsoft 365?

What Are The Business Benefits To Microsoft 365?

There are a lot of amazing benefits to using Microsoft 365! If you are on the fence about using it, take a look at all these reasons why Microsoft 365 will help you. Or, maybe you are already using it, but you just get the sense that there is more to get out of this product. Take a look at all you can get out of Microsoft 365:

Microsoft Forms

If you ever need to create surveys or forms that help you communicate with people, Microsoft Forms is your solution. You can create almost any type of survey or quiz you want, so you can get the pulse of a large group of people with ease. Or, you can use the quiz to test your team’s knowledge.

Not only can you create surveys and quizzes, but you can easily dump the information right into Microsoft Excel, making it easy to track the responses you get from your team.

One of the best ways to get honest feedback from a group of people is to send them a survey, which they can fill out anonymously. Microsoft Forms lets you do this, so you can gather feedback on your team, on your performance, or on any issue you desire. Let this tool be another way you connect with your teams!

Microsoft Teams Meeting Room

Think of this product as Zoom and Skype all rolled into one. This is one of the best products available today to help you host team meetings remotely.  After the pandemic, the world was scrambling to find ways to make video calls and collaborate with teammates who did not sit in the same location. Microsoft Teams allows you to do that.

In the meeting room, you might as well be sitting next to each other in a conference room. You can share your computer screens, share files, and give presentations just as if you were sitting next to each other. Features like Microsoft Teams can help you stay connected no matter how many people you are trying to work with and no matter what time zone they are located in.

While the world is reopening after the pandemic, features like Microsoft Teams are here to stay. Connecting with teams virtually is a part of the future, and this is one way you can accomplish that!

Planner and Task Organizer

Gone are the days of needing to rely on a paper calendar to stay organized. The planner feature in Microsoft 365 lets you stay organized. Not only can you schedule and keep track of all your meetings and appointments in one place, but you can also use it to prioritize your to-do list and keep track of which tasks need to be completed in which priority order. When you are running a company or running a family, the organization offering this feature has something that can help everyone.

It seems that everyone in life, from a CEO to a mom to a student, can always use a little help organizing tasks and planning priorities. If you nodded your head as you read that, then make sure you take advantage of the planner and task organizer available within Microsoft 365.

The Basics

Those were some of the tools in Microsoft 365 you might not have previously been aware of. But, are you getting the most out of the heavy hitters in the portfolio? If you are using some, or all, of these products, are you getting the most out of them?

  • Microsoft Word – you will live and breathe with this document if you do any type of writing. From school essays to corporate White Papers, Microsoft Word is the best place if you need to write a lengthy document. It can help you with formatting and make sure your papers are in the right format for submitting to a teacher or to a boss.
  • Microsoft Excel – the meat and potatoes of math equations – if you need to track anything with numbers or money, this is the tool you need. You can use it for something as simple as a list, or as complicated as installing thousands of complicated formulas to complete intricate math equations. Excel can do so much, there are entire seminars and courses built just to teach you how to use the different intricacies of this program. Our team can help you get the most out of Excel!
  • PowerPoint – if you give presentations, this is the granddaddy of them all! Whether you are presenting a term paper to your college professor or making a pitch to a billionaire CEO, PowerPoint can help you accomplish any of that. You can embed files, links, and information all in one easy-to-display document. It’s hard to spend any time in the corporate world, or as a student, without bumping a few PowerPoint presentations. Like Excel, there are certain nuances you might want to learn, so you can create the best presentations. Our team can show you a few tricks on how to improve your presentations, which can help you stand out from the pack!

Don’t forget Outlook!

While many of us have gotten used to scrolling through emails on our smartphones, Microsoft Outlook is still the best email platform available. You can easily organize emails, to-do lists, your calendar, all in one place. And, then you can link all of that to your phone, so you can access it on the go. If you do a lot of emailing, you’ll want to use Outlook. Your phone can be fine in a pinch, but if you want somewhere you can organize emails for future reference, you need a product like Microsoft Outlook. If you ever need to search for emails that are years old, the advanced search feature in Outlook can help you find almost anything!

Do you still need more information?

Let our team walk you through Microsoft 365 and explain all the benefits to you. Reach out and contact us today, so you can start getting the most out of this product!

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Michael Anderson

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