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Microsoft rolls out new Teams features

Microsoft Teams New Features

Now that many of us are working from home, we’ve discovered the glories of new software, with Microsoft Teams at the forefront.

This week, Microsoft rolled out some new Teams features at its Build 2020 Conference to help developers and IT professionals improve remote working and business service capabilities.

The new features are in response to Microsoft Teams’ growth, which took them from 44 million active users in mid-March to 75 million in April.

Some of the new, key features:

  • Templates: You can select from customizable templates for common team types. Each template includes predefined channels, tabs and apps. After you select the template, your users get guidance on how to best use and customize the team. Organizations can also create their own templates from scratch or an existing template.
  • Chatbots: It’s also easier to create and manage chatbots in Teams, and Power Virtual Agents now support single sign-on (SSO) for simpler authentication when using Teams for the first time.
  • Broadcast Events: There’s new Skype technology to improve Teams for broadcast events using Skype TX, which will help broadcasters create innovative content from over 300-million Skype users and connect through any device, anywhere.
  • Microsoft Power Apps: You can now quickly and easily add apps from Power Apps to Teams with one-click.

We’re excited to test drive these new features, and help our clients use them to streamline their remote working and business experience. If you have questions about how we can help your organization with IT, contact us.