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New features in Microsoft Teams: May roundup

Microsoft Teams May Features Update

April showers bring May flowers, and sometimes more Microsoft Teams features.

Here are the handy features that Microsoft released in May for Microsoft Teams. Check them out the next time you hold a Microsoft Teams meeting:

1. Got a question? Raise your hand in a meeting

If you have a question or comment, but don’t want to interrupt the person speaking, Microsoft has added a “raise your hand” feature. Just click the hand icon in your control bar to let the meeting attendees know that you have something to say.

Microsoft Teams Raise Your Hand

2. Lights, camera, roll call

Meeting organizers can now take attendance during a meeting. To get your attendance report:

  1. Select the “show participants” icon.
  2. Download the attendee list.

The list downloads as a CVS file, and you can open it in Excel. The file includes the attendees’ names and join and leave times.

3. Three is a magic number: 3×3 meetings

You can now have up to nine video streams in a 3×3 video grid.

Microsoft Teams 3X3 Grid

4. She blinded me with science: channel analytics

You can now view your channel metrics in teams analytics for 90 days. The new metrics include number of posts and replies for each team and channel.

To retrieve your metrics, from your teams list:

  1. Select the team.
  2. Select “more options” (***)
  3. Select “manage team.”
  4. Select analytics.
5. Can you hear me now? Add system audio to live events

You can now include your computer’s audio when presenting a live event, just like you do in a regular Teams meeting, so you can play a video or audio clip as part of a presentation. This feature is currently solely available for presenters and producers joining from a Windows Teams desktop app. Learn more about this feature here: Share system audio in a Teams meeting or live event.

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