Webinar: Software Asset Management (SAM)

Michael Anderson
written by Michael Anderson posted on April 1, 2018
Software Asset Management (SAM)
What it is and why you need it.
Hosted by: Paul Shea, Business Development Manager

The benefits of effectively managing your organization’s software assets are too big to ignore. They include:

  • Cost savings and optimization.
  • Avoiding expensive audits.
  • Reducing security risk.
  • Ensuring you have the right licensing.

If you’re interested in having greater control over your organization’s software assets and reducing costs, watch our webinar to understand:

  • What are SAM, HAM and ITAM, and how are they related?
  • What are SAM’s benefits?
  • What are the pitfalls of not incorporating SAM?
  • How do I incorporate SAM into my organization?
Questions: If you have any questions about Software Asset Management or IT managed services, please contact us by email at sales@365tech.ca or phone at 204-488-3655.

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