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Should you hire a managed IT-Services team or one IT employee?

365 Technologies TeamFive reasons why your organization needs managed IT services

In the early days of computers, most offices had a lone IT person looking after the computers.

At my friend’s former office, there was just one IT person (let’s call him…Tim). Tim wasn’t bad at what he did, but he was highly proprietary about the company’s equipment and data – and he was the only person with the keys and know-how. This by itself wasn’t an issue, until Tim called in sick or went on vacation, when it could take days or weeks to fix IT-related issues.

In some cases, it meant the entire office was at a standstill until someone could track down Tim, and occasionally, the office even had to hire an “IT strike team” to fix after-hours emergencies, which it was happy to do for astronomical overtime costs.

Times have changed.

These days, IT consists of much more than computers, software, and data – there’s cloud storage, regular software updates, helpdesk support, networking, document- and customer-resource management, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity considerations.

When it comes to IT services, a lone IT person just won’t cut it anymore. These days, organizations of all sizes require a managed IT-services team. Without one, your organization could run the risk of workflow interruptions, costly shutdowns, security breaches, and data losses, just for starters.

Four more reasons why your organization needs a managed IT-services team:

1. Big, complicated tasks require experts

When your water pipes burst at home, you can try to fix them yourself, or you can hire a plumber. But do you have time to figure it out while your house fills with water?

Similarly, when your IT goes down, you may be able to handle a small issue yourself, but what happens when there’s a big problem that you yourself can’t handle? Your best option is a managed IT-services team with access to modern technologies and fixes.

These days, there’s a steady stream of high-priority tech tasks that regularly need to be addressed; a managed IT-services team brings with it a broad range of tech expertise and resources, and can put in the time and energy that no one person can do singlehandedly.

2. Predictable costs, quality work

An in-house employee requires that you pay a salary and benefits, training, recruitment, and office supplies, but that employee’s knowledge and skill set will be, by definition, narrower than an entire team’s. In addition, if the single employee can’t handle an issue, you’ll pay overtime hours for after-hours emergencies.

3. A chain of command

Complete reliance on one IT person can leave your company vulnerable if that person gets sick, goes on vacation, or quits. A managed IT-services team is unaffected by any, one person’s absence. Having a team at your disposal is like having a tech insurance policy; if something goes wrong, there’s an expert for that.

4. 24/7 support

Lastly, any good managed IT-services team has a 24/7 help desk to provide immediate support for your organization whenever you need it. What could be more reassuring than that?


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