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Manitoba Chamber Of Commerce TechUP & PowerUP: Fund Your Next IT Project

Manitoba Chamber May Fund Your Next Big IT Project – Here’s How

Fund Your Next IT Project With These Manitoba Grants ($5,000–$25,000)

Before reading: 365 Technologies is ready to help you get the maximum amount of funding offered through TechUp and PowerUP. Continue reading, but keep in mind…talk to us to make sure everything is in order with your application.

365 Technologies Offers Support For Manitoba Businesses Applying For TechUP and PowerUP

Are you hesitating to make that next IT upgrade because it’s too expensive? You may qualify for a new grant offered by the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce—read on to find out.

It’s an undisputed fact that technology is changing the workplace—and you shouldn’t resist these changes any longer. Embracing digital transformation will change the way you and your staff experiences work every day.

Unfortunately, doing so can be difficult. Whether you need to migrate to the cloud or upgrade your cybersecurity hardware, it may be too expensive for you to afford at the moment.

The good news is that the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce has launched two new tech-based grants to help you make those necessary upgrades: TechUP and PowerUP.

What You Need To Know About TechUP And PowerUP

Both grants are funded by the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce and can be used for technical, technological, or strategic upgrades. The specific conditions and allotments for each grant are as follows:

  • TechUP: Up to $5,000 available per grant, which must be used on a project within 30 days of approval (or to cover expenses for an applicable project completed after April 21, 2021)
  • PowerUP: Up to $25,000 available per grant, which must be used on a project within 90 days of approval

Potential uses for these grants include:

  • Products:
    • Software
    • Hardware
    • Subscriptions
    • Licensing Fees
    • Social Advertising
  • Services:
    • IT Support
    • Website Development
    • Digital Marketing & Graphic Design
    • Software Development
    • Training/Professional Development
    • Assessments & Audits

How To Apply

First: Speak Wth 365 Technologies. We will make sure you are compliant with the terms and conditions and make sure everything checks out.

The Application Can Be Very Confusing. We’ll Help You.

While you can apply for a TechUP grant by registering online, PowerUP grants follow a more comprehensive application process. You must draft a Business Case Brief, including the following details:

  • Description of the technology challenge you wish to address
  • Proposed project duration
  • Proposed objectives
  • Scope of proposed work
  • Budget
  • Expected impact of investment in the project

You can download a template for your Business Case Brief on the PowerUP website.

Need Expert Assistance With Your TechUP Or PowerUP Project?

Modernizing your office doesn’t have to be a massive restructuring of how you do business or an overly expensive prospect. You can seamlessly affect these changes with financial support from the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce and a little expert assistance.

365 Technologies will help. Our team can assist in assessing your IT-based needs, developing a plan to address them, drafting a detailed application for your TechUP or PowerUP grant, and managing the project from beginning to end.

Get in touch with our team to get started.

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Michael Anderson

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