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The dark web: How to monitor and implement security protocols

Monitor the dark web with 365 Sentinel

If you think the regular web is dark, you don’t want to see the dark web.

It may be time to proactively monitor your organization’s email addresses and domains to ensure you’re not already on the dark web and implement security protocols to ensure you never end up there.

The dark web is not indexed by Internet search engines; instead, it’s only accessible using special software that allows users to remain anonymous or untraceable. Suffice to say, it’s known as a hub for criminal activity.

We monitor our clients’ domains (and our own domain) using 365 Sentinel, which is part of our 365Care+ solution. It helps detect and mitigate cyberthreats in real time – threats that leverage stolen email addresses and passwords on the dark web.

Hackers can add your data to the dark web at any time – that’s why monitoring it is an important process and the first step toward tracking and ensuring your data is safe.

365 Technologies can help you and your business stay secure

Many small- to medium-sized businesses don’t have security protocols in place, or the knowledge to put them in place. That’s where we can help.

Our 365Care+ fully managed solution includes proactive technology management and a dedicated network administrator who applies best practices in security, business continuity, and asset management to improve your organization’s performance and reduce risk.

Contact us today to find out how we can protect and secure your business.

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Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

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