Take the quiz: is your organization’s technology where it needs to be?

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Good enough isn’t good enough. Case in point: most small- to medium-sized business owners we talk to describe their technology as “fine,” or “good enough.” However, a key component of your business growth is your technology, no matter the size of your business. A 2018 article, “5 Reasons Your Company Should Invest In Technology,” from CEO World lists the five…

The role of information technology in human resources

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Get your new employees onboard and online, get your former employees offboard and offline When an employee joins or leaves your company, there should be a checklist of things you need to do to ensure you’ve covered your bases. At least some of the items on this list should involve information technology – a key element in today’s human-resources function….

cloud computing

The pros and cons of using the Cloud

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In my last blog,“What is the cloud?,” I discussed what the Cloud is and isn’t. In this post, I’ll discuss three advantages and disadvantages of using the Cloud. Cloud Advantages Lower hardware costs: You don’t have to purchase in-house servers. You use the provider’s hardware and only pay for what you need. Providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web…

Strategic Technology Plan

Four reasons why your business needs a strategic technology plan

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“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” We’re all aware of Benjamin Franklin’s famous adage, but when it comes to formulating a strategic technology plan, how many of us heed his advice? At 365 Technologies Inc., we’ve worked with organizations of different sizes and industries, and the one thing many have in common when we first meet them…

Why you need Worry-Free IT™ – Managed IT Services

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Pack up your IT troubles, and smile, smile, smile At 365 Technologies, we so believe in Worry-Free IT™, we own the trademark. What is Worry-Free IT™ and how can it help your business? Relax. Take a deep breath. And let’s break it down. Through our extensive experience, research and client meetings, we identified five major technology issues that all businesses…

Chief Information Officer

Consider outsourcing a Chief Information Officer for your business

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A Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides value to any business, small or large, and – at a time in which every business is only as secure as its data – having one is becoming a must. What is a CIO? A CIO sets and leads the technology strategy for a business. CIOs are part of the “c-suite” (top senior executives…

Software Asset Managment

Business, meet SAM and ITAM

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Why your business needs Software and IT Asset Management SAM (Software Asset Management) is the process that ensures effective management, control and protection of your organization’s software. It includes having the correct software licences, number of licences, and versions, and ensures you’re not paying for software that you don’t need or use; for instance, there’s no sense paying for 50…

365 Technologies Team

Should you hire a managed IT-Services team or one IT employee?

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Five reasons why your organization needs managed IT services In the early days of computers, most offices had a lone IT person looking after the computers. At my friend’s former office, there was just one IT person (let’s call him…Tim). Tim wasn’t bad at what he did, but he was highly proprietary about the company’s equipment and data – and…