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Seven life-changing tech habits for 2020

2020 Tech Habits

Why not start 2020 with a resolution to incorporate tech habits to make you and your organization smarter and safer?

Here are seven recommendations:

1. Be Suspicious of Unexpected Emails

If you get an unusual-looking email, don’t open it. The goal of phishing emails is to gain information about you, steal your money, or install malware on your devices. For a refresher on spotting phishing emails, read our post, “Five ways to spot phishing email scams.”

2. Back up to the Cloud

Sync your important data to the Cloud to ensure that if and when catastrophe hits, you’ve got a back-up.

3. Get Smart about Passwords

Using easy-to-guess passwords and reusing them can turn your life upside down – just ask anyone who has been hacked. Ensure your passwords are strong and different for each account. If you need help tracking your passwords, you can use an encrypted file password service, such as 1Password.

4. Turn on 2FA Everywhere

Two-factor authentication offers a second roadblock for potential hackers. If a service or account provides 2FA, you should turn it on.

5. Update Your Software

Hardware and software vendors provide updates when they discover vulnerabilities in their systems. Update your software to the latest version to ensure your devices remain safe and secure. Remember, only apply updates from the vendor’s website or built-in application stores. Third-party application stores may be unreliable; when purchasing a new device, ensure the manufacturer provides regular software updates and support.

6. Monitor the Dark Web and Implement Security Protocols

Be proactive! Monitor your email addresses and domains to ensure you’re not on the dark web, and implement security protocols to ensure you don’t end up there. Read “Lessons from the Canva hack” to learn about the dark web and implementing security protocols.

7. Windows Defender

Another reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is that every installation comes with Windows Defender, allowing you to uninstall third-party antivirus software, which can get in the way of, and quarantine, crucial system updates. Malicious software should be shutdown using built-in protections provided by your email provider, ISP and web browser long before it gets to your PC. For businesses, your managed IT service provider (such as 365 Technologies) will have systems in place to quarantine malicious software before it reaches you.

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Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

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